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Customized Strategies for High-Net-Worth Individuals

At Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg, we understand the complexities involved in high-asset divorce cases. With extensive experience in family law, our seasoned attorneys are proficient in navigating these intricacies, helping to ensure your rights and properties are adequately protected throughout the divorce process. Our in-depth understanding of the financial aspects related to high-net-worth divorce cases enables us to offer comprehensive legal counsel for the most complex cases.

Our approach is centered around providing customized solutions that cater to the uniqueness of each case. We meticulously assess your financial situation, including business interests, real estate properties, retirement accounts, and investment portfolios. Our goal is to ensure a fair division of marital assets that aligns with your best interests.

Our legal team is committed to providing the highest level of professional service, ensuring you're informed at every step of the process. From detailed property assessment to negotiation and, if necessary, litigation, we strive to minimize the stress and uncertainty of a high-asset divorce. At Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg, your peace of mind is our priority.

If you are facing a divorce involving high net worth assets, contact us online or call us at (631) 449-7699 to learn more about how our Long Island attorneys can help protect your financial interests. Our experienced legal professionals are available to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to providing the comprehensive legal representation you need.

Protecting Your Financial Interests and Assets

In high-asset divorces, the stakes are significantly higher as the complexity and value of marital assets increase exponentially. At Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg, we recognize the financial implications of these divorce proceedings can be overwhelming and potentially threaten your financial future. We strive tirelessly to safeguard your financial interests and assets by thoroughly evaluating all marital assets.

Our experienced attorneys are adept in handling a range of financial aspects, including:

  • Business evaluations: We understand the intricacies of business ownership and can assist in accurately evaluating and dividing business assets.
  • Real estate and property divisions: We ensure equitable division of all real estate properties, from residential homes to investment properties.
  • Retirement and investment accounts: We meticulously analyze all retirement and investment accounts, ensuring a fair division that serves your best interests.

We believe the cornerstone of successful representation in high-asset divorce cases is a comprehensive understanding of our client’s financial and personal circumstances. This understanding enables us to develop a strategic plan to protect your assets and secure your financial future. By entrusting your case to Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg, you can rest assured that you're equipped with a robust legal strategy.

Addressing Spousal Support and Alimony

In high-net-worth divorce cases, spousal support or alimony often comes to the forefront. At Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg, we strive to maintain our clients' financial stability, whether you are seeking to secure alimony or are expected to make payments. We thoroughly review all financial details to ascertain a fair and sustainable alimony arrangement.

Several factors are taken into account when determining spousal support, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s income and assets
  • Each spouse’s age and health
  • Each spouse’s present and future earning capacity
  • The need for a parent with physical custody of a child to stay at home

As your legal representatives, we endeavor to negotiate an alimony arrangement that is fair and considers your current and future financial scenario. If an amicable agreement cannot be reached, we are prepared to aggressively advocate for your interests in court. Our attorneys have the resources and expertise to deal with the complexities of spousal support in high-asset divorces. We aim to navigate you through this taxing process with as little stress as possible while safeguarding your financial well-being.

Trusted Legal Guidance and Support throughout the Divorce Process

Navigating a high-asset divorce can be a daunting and emotionally charged process. At Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg, we aim to shoulder the legal burden so you can focus on moving forward. We take pride in providing comprehensive support throughout the divorce process—from initial consultation to final judgment. Our knowledgeable attorneys are committed to providing client-focused legal guidance every step of the way.

Our goal is to make a difficult period in your life a little easier. With a robust understanding of New York divorce law and a deep commitment to our clients, we strive to provide an unrivaled level of service. We take the time to understand your individual situation and tailor our approach to suit your needs. Our firm believes in open communication, keeping you informed and involved in every decision that affects your case.

Choosing the right legal representation for your high-asset divorce can significantly impact the outcome of your case. The team at Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg offers the experience and tenacity necessary to protect your financial interests and advocate for your rights.

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