Dedicated to Serving Our Clients
    “I highly recommend him.”
    It was nothing but a pleasure working with Josh and the rest of the staff. His knowledge, professionalism and dedication to his clients are outstanding. We worked together for over a year and Josh has never once left me wondering about the progress of my custody case - even emailing in the evenings and on weekends. He came highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend him to you. 5 stars.
    - Mark D.
    “Extremely knowledgeable and hardworking”
    I had a messy divorce where I was recommended a lawyer that had a laundry list of accomplishments and lawyer of the year. She cost me 40,000. I saw her 3 times in a year and basically got me nothing. It was a horrible process and put me in a state of depression. I was then recommended to Josh Blumberg by a mutual friend. She couldn't believe all I was doing and putting up with she insisted I go to josh for a consultation just to see what he thought. I was hesitant at first because of my horrible experience the first time and how much money I was taken for, not only by my ex but by the law firm the first time. But after being told over and over again he's like a pit Bull in court fighting for you and is as tough as he gets. I thought why not hear some feedback. When I ran through all the facts, the paperwork, and other useful information, he was in disbelief that my 1st lawyer did basically nothing for me and charged me all that money. He then went on to explain what his plan of action would be. How we would approach the case and that he would give me all he had. I could not have felt more positive about anything or anyone after hearing what he said. I couldn't retain him quick enough. I left his office feeling positive for the first time in a long time. Just like any case we had our meetings to stay up to date and each time josh was complete ready to go. Giving up to date information and status of where we stood. He had me feeling just so at ease and almost that we were always one step ahead of everything. When all was said and done. Everything I went in there asking for help for, josh won every single bit of it for me plus more. I actually couldn't believe he had done what I was wishing someone could do for me for years. He saved me and I cannot thank him enough. He stayed 100% completely true to his word from day 1! Extremely knowledgeable and hardworking. But yet makes it look so easy, and very easy to talk to. Josh Blumberg really saved my life. I haven't stopped smiling and feel like the weight of the world is now off my shoulders. When the judge said ok this case is closed and signed off on it all, we all had to sigh off our zoom. Josh wanted to give just a fist pump. But I'm sorry I had to give this man a huge hug to let him know how much I appreciate what he did for me and my family. He made things right. So yes, this is an extremely long review and if you actually read it all. Please trust me when I say Josh Blumberg is the only answer when looking for a divorce lawyer. He gives you everything he's got. I could write another 5000 words on how great he was and the experience but that may be a little overboard. Just please take it from me. I got pushed into the direction of a high profile lawyer who is on the top of all the lists in NY. The only thing list she should be on top of is ripping off her clients and taking every penny they have and not even care about their clients. First time I met Josh. Just felt right, felt comfortable, felt confident. Lastly, with my case behind us I cannot thank him enough for every he did and really hope you take my advise. He's a guru when it comes down to this. So thank you for everything Josh. Hope all stays well. And I'm sure we will stay in contact because I consider you part of the family now!!”
    - D.D
    “Truly a great team.”
    I am very pleased with the care and attention to all my matters. I've built a great relationship with the entire team. I highly recommend working with Josh and Stacey. I am absolutely a client for life and trust the advice I will be given to handle all of my needs. Truly a great team!
    - Joseph H.
    “I am very pleased and grateful!”
    The firm and staff are professional and make you feel comfortable. I appreciate all their efforts and making the matter as easy as possible. I am very pleased and grateful to have Josh and Stacy in my corner and would recommend to anyone who needs legal advice.
    - Christine J.
    “They treated me like family!”
    The death of my mom was a traumatic experience. Josh, Katie, and Julianne helped me every step of the way; I cannot thank them enough! Settling an estate is difficult to navigate but their expertise made it manageable. They treated me like family at such a difficult time. I highly recommend their services.
    - Tim I.
    “I can't say enough good things about this firm”
    Joshua Blumberg and his team were a blessing during a very painful process. They were attentive, always responded to us quickly and efficiently. Made sure we always knew all of our options, and reached a settlement that made us very happy. The most important thing, they actually CARED and worked diligently to get us the results we wanted. I can't say enough good things about this firm. Will definitely be using them for all of our legal matters in the future!
    - Grace F.
    “I recommend this law firm to anybody that is going through a divorce or custody battle.”
    When my wife filed papers for divorce, I chose the attorneys at Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg. They were professional, honest and always had my best interest in mind. They were always quick to return my phone calls and emails, and never beat around the bush. They will be honest and straight forward with you about your case. Because of all these amazing qualities, I was able to protect my son and actually had child support awarded to me. I can’t thank the attorney Stacy A. Wardle, Esq at Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg enough for the care and dedication that she put into my case. I recommend this law firm to anybody that is going through a divorce or custody battle.
    - Joe O.
    “A sincere thank you to your firm”
    Josh- I just want to say thank you as well for everything. Also, wanted to mention how much I appreciated Julianne’s assistance in this matter. I know it was in the beginning “easy” but when we really got into it, any obstacle that came up she ALWAYS thought outside the box. NEVER giving up and also always looking out for my family’s best interest. Ultimately, she went way above and beyond. A sincere thank you to your firm. You really have no idea how much you guys both have helped me and my family through both happy and tough times. Again, thank you!
    - Christopher E.
    “You've been awesome!!”
    It has been awesome having my daughter here!!! It's nice to see her smiling again. Thank you two for everything! You've been awesome!!
    - Dawn
    “I am very pleased with everything they have done for me!!!”
    This is my first need for lawyers. I went in with the thought in the back of my head that all they want is your money. But as my divorce case went on I found that Josh and Stacy are more than what people always think of lawyers. They have been great. They look out for what’s best for me and tell me the truth. They are very professional and know the law!!! I am very pleased with everything they have done for me!!! If I ever need a lawyer again there will be no need to look for one; I will return to them!! They are the best at what they do!!!! If anyone asks if I know a lawyer, I will give their number without thinking twice.
    - Jeannette M.
    “The referral to BCFB was one of the best things that could have happened to us.”
    We were referred to Blumberg Cherkoss by a well-regarded Long Island attorney. The highest compliment to any professional is the referral of another professional—and referrals among those in the same profession are especially rare. The referral to BCFB was one of the best things that could have happened to us. The partners at BCFB operate like a real team, making the firm’s in-house expertise very well-rounded. Their attention to detail is unsurpassed and the firm’s commitment to operating at the highest standards of the law is laudable. We highly recommend BCFB
    - Catherine A.
    “I will be recommending Josh to anyone that is looking for a caring and competent lawyer.”
    Josh has been an excellent lawyer from beginning to end. I can’t speak highly enough about him. I believe the Universe brought us together. I wasn’t “supposed to” have Josh as my lawyer, I was “supposed to” have his colleague but he ended up having to go to court that day. Josh was always there when I needed him, even after office hours. He kept me informed throughout the process and was extremely patient when explaining certain procedures. He is knowledgeable and professional but at the same time very approachable. Josh will always give you his honest opinion. I remember one day he said to me “I’d rather your money go to your child’s education, not mine.” It was at this point, I knew I had an honest lawyer that truly cares about his client’s best interest. I couldn’t have made it through my divorce without Josh. I will be recommending Josh to anyone that is looking for a caring and competent lawyer.
    - A. Drace
    “Intelligent, insightful, courteous, a great listener, patient, honest, trustworthy and professional”
    Intelligent, insightful, courteous, a great listener, patient, honest, trustworthy and professional are just a few words I would use to describe Joshua Blumberg and his practice. Phone calls and emails are always responded to quickly, even during non-business hours. Each step of the process is explained and no question is left unanswered. As a client, you feel you are in good hands and know that you do not need to worry. I highly recommend Blumberg, Cherkoss, Fitz Gibbons & Blumberg, LLP.
    - Antoinette F.
    “This law firm has demonstrated not only professionalism but compassion to me as a client.”
    I would absolutely recommend this law firm to friends and family. This law firm has demonstrated not only professionalism but compassion to me as a client. Joshua Blumberg is my attorney and I am grateful beyond words to have him on my side representing me. I was at another law firm for 2yrs with no results whatsoever in my divorce. I was told of this firm by a very good friend and could not be happier to have them on my side representing me. My calls are always answered or returned no matter what time of day. Emails are ALWAYS responded to no matter what time. I’ve even had my phone calls and emails returned when the office is not opened. The office staff are very compassionate, loving, caring and professional to all their clients. I would again, highly recommend this law firm to all my friends and family.
    - Jay M.
    “The best, and most awesome attorney that I’ve EVER met!!”
    Well what can I say?? I’ll start off by simply saying, “Thank You” to the best, and most awesome attorney that I’ve EVER met!! Although, I don’t think there are enough words to express my gratitude, Stacy Wardle and BCF&B have brought me through all of what had seemed to be roughest time of my life. She has been an “unexpected” blessing that has made my life full of joy and happiness again. Stacy Wardle has brought me through that rough patch in my life which is now in my past. And, because of her, I can see that my present has become a gift. So with that I’ll extend my gratitude by saying once again, “thank you to best attorney in the universe”…”All your hard work and dedication to help me through the “rough patch” hasn’t gone unnoticed. I will forever be grateful to you.
    - Sharon J.
    “I will never look anywhere else for an attorney as there are no better or highly knowledgeable attorneys than the ones at Blumberg.”
    I have never needed a lawyer before this last battle I endured and without Stacy and Josh at BCFB, I would never have made it through. They were there every step of the way making sure I was doing exactly what needed to be done “the right way”. Stacy was not only my attorney but many days and nights she was my therapist and when needed the most, my friend. When talking to her it did not feel like I was speaking to my attorney, she was brutally honest, caring and extremely respectful like a friend would be. She endured many late night frantic phone calls from me and one too many crying episodes but never once did she turn me away, she always gave me her full attention and helped me through it. She is more than a great attorney, she is a great woman who genuinely cares for her clients well being and in my case, sanity. I will never look anywhere else for an attorney as there are no better or highly knowledgeable attorneys than the ones at Blumberg. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone for any reason! Thank you Stacy and Josh for all of your help!
    - Jennifer S.